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A world leader in steam turbine manufacturing

For more than a century, we have consolidated the best available technology from numerous steam turbine suppliers into core platforms that support our advanced, innovative, efficient, and reliable steam turbine solutions. GE has highly-qualified and specialized engineering centers and factories in key markets around the world.


  • Industry-leading performance with high reaction 3-D blading designed for high pressure (HP), intermediate pressure (IP), and low pressure (LP) turbine modules.
  • Integrally shrouded blades with continuous contacting surfaces provide excellent damping capability for superior mechanical integrity.
  • Stage design provides precise control of radial clearances and throat areas to help ensure greater output and efficiency.
  • State-of-the-art technology and expertise are applied to our broad last stage blades portfolio for improved efficiency.

High Availability and Reliability

  • Our robust, reliable steam turbines are enhanced by control systems and the power of GE Digital solutions.
  • Our proprietary long-term testing program validates material behavior and ensures steam turbine component reliability.
  • Get extended maintenance intervals and increased turbine availability from advanced methods during the design phase. 

Enhanced Operational Flexibility

  • Advanced fracture mechanic methods provide reliable lifetime assessment of the steam turbine components and increased cycling capabilities.
  • An enhanced blade groove design reduces thermal stresses for increased rotor life.

Pioneering features that have become industry standards


Welded Rotors

  • With more than eight decades of welded rotor experience, our designs are proven and reliable.
  • Better access for ultrasonic testing equipment translates to higher reliability.

Shrink Ring Design

  • GE’s proven shrink ring design reduces distortion, allowing critical clearances to be maintained and sustaining performance over the life of the machine.
  • Compact design with smaller wall thickness provides flexible load cycling and faster startup times.

Single Bearing Design

Our multi-casing steam turbines have a single bearing between each turbine section for:

  • Avoidance of load shifting for higher reliability
  • Efficient shaft alignment for reduced construction time 
  • Shorter overall turbine shaft length for lower building costs

Advanced Sealing Features

  • Shaft and tip brush seals, developed in conjunction with our global research organization, improve leakage control when compared to more conventional sealing technology.
  • Abradable coatings on stationary seals enable the reduction of radial clearances, decreasing long-term performance degradation.

Family of High-Efficiency Last-Stage Blades

Our enhanced last-stage blade portfolio offers:

  • Dense staggered last stage blade sizes for project specific cold-end conditions and increased efficiency (up to 60’’ for 50Hz and up to 50” for 60Hz)
  • A robust design with stress-enhanced grooves and blade attachments for higher reliability·
  • Features such as full tip shroud, enhanced tip section with low shock loss, aerodynamic part span connector, and increased root-reaction that improve steam turbine performance
  • Advanced radial vortexing improves performance and hood integration over a range of loads

Advanced blading

Innovative blading technology is apparent in the steam turbines we manufacture through:

  • Modern, three-dimensional profile design that results in higher efficiency
  • High pressure (HP), intermediate pressure (IP), and low pressure (LP) front stage blades that are milled from a single forging for excellent mechanical integrity and higher reliability

LP Side Exhaust

  • Available for all D-series machines and enables ground level condenser connections, reduced centerline height, BOP equipment to be located on one side and lower plant construction costs.

A complete portfolio to meet your needs

The result of decades of development, GE has become one of the most versatile steam turbine manufacturing companies, supplying solutions that cover a large spectrum of applications. These include: non-reheat platforms, reheat platforms coping with ultra-supercritical parameters, and nuclear steam turbine platforms. From 100 MW to over 1,900 MW, we have the solution for our customers’ needs.

For more information on which solution in our portfolio will fit your needs, reach out to GE here.

Steam turbines for fossil applications 

GE’s STF-D Series (Reheat) Steam Turbines

A modular product platform for utility reheat steam turbines in the 100 to 1,200 MW power output range.

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GE’s STF-D and STF-A (Non Reheat) Steam Turbines

D200 and A200 steam turbines manufactured by GE are all about flexibility, making them robust yet versatile, from 100 MW to 300 MW output.

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Steam turbines for combined-cycle applications

STF-A650 Steam Turbines (Reheat)

GE’s STF-A650 combined-cycle steam turbines deliver the performance, reliability and efficiency for today’s 50 Hz and 60 Hz applications.

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STF-D600 Steam Turbines (Reheat)

The STF-D600 is GE's highest-performing combined-cycle steam turbine.

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STF-D650 Steam Turbine (Reheat)

The STF-D650 is GE's highest-performing combined-cycle steam turbine.

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STF-D200/STF-A200 Steam Turbines (Non Reheat)

GE's two-casing dual LP flow STF-D200 steam turbine and single-casing, axial exhaust STF-A200 steam turbine work well for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz non-reheat applications in multi-shaft and single-shaft configurations.

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Steam turbines for nuclear applications

Arabelle Nuclear Steam Turbines

GE nuclear power conversion solutions for large and very large reactors are based on our Arabelle steam turbine technology platform

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GE’s D200 Nuclear Steam Turbine

Our D200 steam turbine has a long track record of performance and reliability for medium-size nuclear reactors

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